Need consultation on your Rock Breaking Tools or Methods

With the rapid development of the world, we live in society has an increased awareness towards the environmental impact on blasting, rock breaking and concrete breaking jobs around the globe.

Many jobs are met initially with resistance due to people being unsure of the best method of how to do them. Many factors come into play here, safety, scheduling, and cost to name a few, as well as government regulations or certain job requirements. In many cases blasting is the most well-known but can also be the most problematic.

Next in mind is the hydraulic hammer which also works but has its limitations and challenges. People now are looking for alternatives to these traditional methods with new and better ways to do these jobs. Ways that meet the needs of reducing vibrations, noise, dust etc. while keeping up a productive schedule to getting the job done on time as on most jobs time is of the essence. Not only time is important, but the methods must be cost effective while still meeting all the requirements.

Apex offers the solutions people are looking for. NexPro and Black Gold Expanding Grout, RockPro Drills, and splitters (both pneumatic and hydraulic). Quality products you can trust along with Competent people that can get the job done. You can buy the products, get training, rent the tools and do it yourself or hire us to come and do it for you. Whatever the job is, we’ve got you covered. We provide free technical help as needed with recommendations that can help you save time and work more efficiently.




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