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the latest and greatest in rock breaking technology 


The Top Pyrotechnic cartridge in its class:

Royex is a top of the line rock breaking system that is designed for rock breaking jobs that conventional explosives are not allowed by regulation or too sensitive to blast. At the forefront revolutionary technology, the Royex Generation II System is the first deflagrating cartridge system that offers timing and delays.

It has been developed into the most effective propellant cartridge because of the consistency in the powder mixture and power in the Maxfire Igniter. The Royex system is available in both electric and shock tube versions which allow them to be set off with any detonator.

Apex Rock Breaking Solutions is proud to be Canada’s distributor of Royex and provides a full training course and certification for its use! Royex is the only propellant system around that offers it’s versatility and capabilities.


Nexpro:Rock Breaking Industrys Best Expanding Grout



Nex-Pro is miles ahead of the competitors. It makes the toughest rock and concrete breaking jobs easier and done with less hassle then ever before!

It will make your rock breaking jobs safer, by eliminating the risk of fly rock from heavy equipment and explosives. It's environmentally friendly, with no toxic fumes, washes away easy and leaves no residue.

It's cost effective,  when compared to the cost of heavy breakers and explosives. Best of all, its easy to use. Drill your holes, mix the slurry pour it in, and let it work its magic. Rock breaking has never been easier with Nex-Pro!

Apex Rock: Landscaping Materials & Supplies


Apex Rocks: Rocks big or small, We have them!

Apex has multiple quarry's to provide you with all material for your rockscaping needs. we can provide anything from rock for retains walls,ponds to rock fountains we have it all.