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Apex Rock Breaking Solutions has multiple crews available to serve Western Canada with advanced and efficient methods of rock demolition.
Apex utilizes an array of different tools and equipment that have been refined over the years to provide our clients with cutting edge developments in rock demolition.
From small boulder excavations to cliff side remediation, Apex has the solution


  Drilling & Pouring

Apex's Canadian developed Expanding Grout NexPro and Black Gold have become a staple in our rock-breaking arsenal. NexPro is best suited for 1.5” holes spaced 12-16” apart while Black Gold is suited for 3” holes spaced 4-5’ apart. 



  Pneumatic Splitter

Our RockPro G-10 and G-15 series of Pneumatic Splitters are ideal for splitting troublesome boulders that slow excavations, to small sections of out of the ground bedrock. Using feather and wedge sets, the air-powered splitter hammers down on the wedges and split the rock pending on the drill pattern. Every Apex service truck is outfitted with these tools and can be utilized on any of our job sites.

  Hydraulic Splitter

Our RockPro 50mm Hydraulic Splitters run on a hydraulic unit that can power up to 3 splitters at once. 2" holes are drilled in a pre-designed pattern and inserted in the holes splitting them instantly. Ideal for very large boulders and bedrock removal. Each splitter is capable of breaking 300+ tons of rock per splitter.


Apex Breaks & Sells Rocks! 

Do you have something that needs looking at? Call us today for your FREE No Obligation Quote. Apex is ready to help you and it only starts with a call or an e-mail. We have multiple methods of dealing with rock projects from small to large.


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