Apex Rock Breaking Solutions has a team of Rock Pro’s available for hire to help with your rock breaking jobs. Our Apex Rock Pros have the knowledge needed for the range of all rock breaking projects from boulder breaking to trenching to underwater blasting and so much more! The Apex team is efficient and reliable to complete our work on time and on budget. With our alternative methods to blasting, the Apex Rock Pros have a vast understanding of the tools and products we use in order to complete the simplest or most sensitive and unique jobs out there. Some examples of jobs our team can complete for you are:

- Boulder breaking
- Concrete removal from bank vaults
- Basement rock removal
- Trenching
- Bridge demolition
- Reinforced concrete removal
- Vibration sensitive breaking
- Underwater blasting
- Excavating
- Rock hauling and disposal 


 Apex Rock Breaking solutions Rock breaking Demolition

For any inquires you may have or to hire our team of Rock Professionals for your rock breaking needs, contact us today!