In mid 2016, an expansion project to build new access ramps to one of the most critical highways in central Stockholm – Essingeleden. The highway moves south to north through central Stockholm and consists of four lanes in both directions. Essingeleden is Sweden’s busies highway by far and delays and works on this highway has a direct economic impact on the commerce in Stockholm.

Apex-Case study - Essingeleden.jpg


As the road moves though some of the most urban developed areas in Stockholm, blasting operation are in practice impossible due to noise and vibration constraints. So, when further access ramp development was required, alternatives to blasting was sought by the Swedish transit authorities. The final solution was represented by the Royex system.

Groundworks for the access required removal of 880 cubic meters of granite rock in direct contact with Essingeledens bridge foundations. The work required rock to be removed as close as 5 cm to the foundation.


Royex cartridges along with electrical igniters was used. Round size was between 2-2,3 cubic meters per shot. The below results stems from the most critical part where blasting was done directly in conjunction with the bridge pillar foundations (referring to the bridge in the picture above).



Apex-Case study - Essingeleden.jpg
Apex-Case study - Essinhgeleden.jpg