What is NexPro?

NexPro is expanding cement that uses pressure to force rock or concrete apart.

What can NexPro be used on?

Any type of rock or concrete. NexPro can break even the hardest of rock, like granite, as well as tough

reinforced concrete.

What do I need to get started?

You’ll need NexPro, a container to mix the product, water and a stir stick. To make pouring the product into the

holes easier, a funnel is optional.

How do I use NexPro?

Mix each 11lb bag with 1.5L of water and pour the mixture in holes drilled into the rock and concrete. Wait up

to 24 hours for the product to demolish the rock or concrete.

How long does it take for NexPro to work?

NexPro can start working in as little as 6 hours and continues to expand for 24+ hours.

What size holes do I need to drill?

We recommend using a 1.5” diameter drill bit. Drill 80-90% of the depth of material you want to break. Under

optimal conditions, holes can be drilled 12 inches apart. If the rock/concrete is very hard or reinforced, space

holes about 8-10 inches apart to achieve desired results.

Is NexPro harmful to the environment?

No, NexPro is environmentally friendly. Any leftover residue can be easily washed away with water or disposed

of with the rock/concrete debris.

Is NexPro harmful to people?

No, NexPro is safe for human use. We suggest users of NexPro to use gloves when mixing and pouring the

product to prevent skin irritation on sensitive skin. If product comes in contact with eyes, rinse eyes thoroughly

with water to remove any debris. Ensure area is well-ventilated to prevent dust from causing throat or lung


How much product do I need?

Call us Today and we will be Happy to Quote you on how many boxes you need for your project!

What are the 3 Types of NexPro? And which one do I need?

The 3 different types of NexPro refer to the different temperature ranges this product comes in.

Type 1: 25ᵒ – 40ᵒ C [77ᵒ - 104ᵒ F]

Type 2: 10ᵒ – 25ᵒ C [50ᵒ - 77ᵒ F]

Type 3: -5ᵒ – 10ᵒ C [23ᵒ- 50ᵒ F]

To choose the appropriate type you require for your project, identify the average ambient temperature of the

site you are using NexPro in. If the temperature of the site drops below the ideal temperature range, you may

put a tarp and space heater over the holes to heat the area to the desired temperature.

Where can I find more information or technical advice?

Visit it us at or call us at our toll-free number 1-866-625-0082. You can also email one of our

rock breaking experts at